Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feb. 23, Di Gi Charat(cont.)

So, it has been awhile since I have posted and I feel like crap. Ahhhh.....Whatever.


So Di Gi Charat is now working at this store Akihabara called "Gamers" and her claimed "rival" Rabi En Rose is constantly fueding with her. She always hosts contests with the ambition of being the star of Gamers. This is pretty much the norm at Gamers. Otakus go in and out, and the main geeks are; Minataku: He loves Rabi En Rose but isn't sure that she will return his affections. Murataku: He goes "ga-ga" over Puchiko and knows that she doesn't love him back but he tries. Which is wierd because he is a grown man and she is five years old. Takeshi: An otaku obsessed with Degiko and anime. Yoshimi: Another otaku equally obessed with Degiko and anime. There is also a little girl from Planet Analogue named Pyocola Analogue the third. Her planet is in poverty and she makes attempts to kidnap Degiko and hold her for ransom. She has three helpers named; Rik, Ky, and Coo. She also has the Black Geba, and Nazo Gema. Rik is a veternarian and loves all animals. He usually cooks up all the plots to catch Degiko. Ky is a dentist, and adores Piyoko. He loves her so much that he is very naggy and motherly. He always bosses Piyoko around when it comes to her dental hygiene. Coo is a doctor, though only thirteen. He is the closest to Piyoko in the group. OOOOOOOOOOOOO.........I got kinda off track. Well, I guess that ends this summary of Di Gi Charat. It is a recommended read and I give it 5 stars. ^___^ Hope you enjoyed it. :3

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feb 6, Di Gi Charat

Today was..........I'm not gonna lie, it was terribly boring =.=
I mean, I was sitting in my house playing old GameCube games all day. How much worse can it get? For school I had to do a S.S paper, but left all my materials in my locker so I'm screwed I guess ^^;


Di Gi Charat was the first manga I had ever read. A life changing experience. So, the main character in this anime/manga is of course, Di Gi Charat. (A.K.A Degiko) who is an alien princess sent to Earth in hopes of becoming a star.(Some of the animes take place on Planet Di Gi Charay I think)But I'm not sure if that is the exact reason, but I'm just going on what the manga descriptions are telling me XD
She comes to Earth with her 5 year old friend, Petit Charat, (A.K.A Puchiko) and they have no money, so they work at an anime/gaming store called Gamers. With Degiko and Puchiko in their cat-girl outfits(Degikos is a maid outfit, Puchiko's is a sailor school uniform thingie)they instanly get a job. Their bosses name is Mr. Manager. :D But when Degiko and Puchiko get their jobs at being clerks, there is also another girl working there. Her name is Rabi En Rose, (Actually it's Usada Hikaru but she hates her name so she calls herself Rabi En Rose) and she wears a reddish pinkish puffy skirted bunny outfit. She has a big bust, but is only 14, and is very poor. Degiko also has this....."care-taker" if you will. His name is Gema. He is a yellow globular type creature who is for some reason always upside down. XD

This is getting to long. I'll continue this tomorrow~♥♥

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hello there!!!
I am Gothix and I have started a new blog!
So I guess this is the introductory post I think....^^"
So, this blog will pretty much focus on two things:
Me(Narcisistic of me I know XD)
And the anime of the day!

The animes will probably be either ones that I have already seen, or ones that I'm just getting into :3
And the day part...Is just me either ranting or just talking.

I hope you enjoy~♥♥♥